MELITTA is a Greek concept brand based in Athens, founded in 2019 by two good friends, and their love towards fashion, style and culture. Our logo is a geometrical version of the Minoan honeybee, which in Ancient Greek history and culture symbolizes prosperity and the renewal of life. Our goal is to promote Greek culture, by intergrating today's trends with elements of the Greek heritage throughout its history. It is time to wear your culture! Enjoy!


Vicky Grammenou

Vicky is the creative director of the brand. Having studied Linguistics and Philosophy at the University of Athens, her love for fashion lead her to make a career change and to learn the basics of clothing construction at first and then study Fashion Design, Styling and Haute Couture in Italy.

Melina Varoni

Melina is an Athens-based lawyer specialised in Maritime Law. Albeit not experienced in the field of fashion, she shares with Vicky the vision that culture needs to leave the dusty shelves of libraries and find a way to be incorporated into our daily lives. She feels that fashion is the perfect vehicle for this cultural journey.


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